Amore Announces Michael Sullivan will Lead Taxpayer Petition to Enforce Tax Cuts under State Law

Former U.S. Attorney Takes Position with a Coalition Ready to File with the Supreme Judicial Court

BOSTON – The campaign for Anthony Amore, candidate for Massachusetts Auditor, announced today that former United States Attorney Michael Sullivan will provide legal representation for a taxpayer petition to enforce tax rebates required under Chapter 62F of Massachusetts General Law. State Auditor Suzanne Bump must certify by September 20th the excess tax revenue to be returned to taxpayers, a sum that Governor Baker’s administration estimates to be nearly $3 billion.

“I am proud to join Anthony Amore, lawmakers, and members of the public who are committed to fighting on behalf of taxpayers to ensure that Beacon Hill delivers some form of tax relief this fall,” said Sullivan. “With record inflation straining the budgets of working families, I share Anthony’s belief that our state government must respect the decision of the voters across the Commonwealth to quickly get tax rebate checks in the hands of residents. If the State Auditor does not do her job and move swiftly and accurately through this certification process, our coalition will file an enforcement action with the Supreme Judicial Court.”

Under Section 7 of MGL Chapter 62F, a coalition of 24 taxpayers may petition the Commonwealth’s highest court to enforce the provisions of the law. Chapter 62F, passed by ballot referendum in 1986, required state government to return a portion of excess tax revenue to residents. The Baker Administration believes the figure is nearly $3 billion — equivalent to a $750 check for individuals making between $38,000 and $75,000 per year.

Last week the Amore 2022 campaign announced the names of 24 taxpayers who agreed to participate. They span 10 of the Commonwealth’s 14 counties, and no more than six are from a single county as required under law. They are a mix of Republican, Unenrolled, and Democratic voters.

The Amore 2022 campaign has launched a countdown clock at, where residents are encouraged to go and sign up to participate in the petition if necessary. The campaign believes up to 84 taxpayers may ultimately sign on (six taxpayers in each of the 14 counties).

Checks welcome at:

Amore 2022

138 Conant Street
2nd Floor
Beverly, MA 01915