Amore Responds to Auditor Bump’s Report on 62F Tax Relief

WINCHESTER – Anthony Amore, candidate for Massachusetts State Auditor,

issued a statement about news that Auditor Bump followed the Department of Revenue’s estimation that $2.94 billion in excess tax revenue must be returned to taxpayers:

“My campaign has worked tirelessly to push the Auditor to act quickly on billions of dollars in tax rebates owed to the people. I’m pleased that our campaign, which was the first and only to organize a taxpayer petition, was able to apply the pressure necessary to get her to sign off on this rebate ahead of the deadline. This money is needed immediately and Beacon Hill should get back to work and make it happen.”


On August 4th, the Amore 2022 campaign announced a coalition of 24 taxpayers ready to file a petition with the SJC under Section 7 to enforce MGL Chapter 62F, which requires the Commonwealth to return excess tax revenue to the people of Massachusetts. Auditor Bump is responsible for working with the state’s revenue commissioner to certify the amount of excess taxes by September 20th, 2022. (Boston Globe, 8/2/22)

On August 22nd, the campaign announced former United States Attorney Michael Sullivan would lead the coalition. (

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