Anthony Amore and Attorney Michael Sullivan Urge Auditor Bump to Take Swift Action on Tax Rebates

State Law Allows for Expedited Tax Rebates; Will Sue in Court if Necessary

WINCHESTER – Anthony Amore, candidate for Massachusetts State Auditor, was joined by former United States Attorney Michael Sullivan today, to urge State Auditor Suzanne Bump to act swiftly in certifying a tax rebate for the people of Massachusetts under state law Chapter 62F.

The auditor has until September 20th to make her certification, though the law allows for action sooner. The Department of Revenue, faced with a September 1st deadline to issue a 62F report, completed its work a day early.

“I want to thank the Department of Revenue for doing a commendable job in highlighting this 1986 law and reminding lawmakers that they have collected more money from taxpayers than they are entitled to, which is why all efforts should now be made to return that money in the form of rebate checks,” said Amore. “My coalition of 24 taxpayers, which is growing by the day, is actively drafting our filing should we need to make our case before the Supreme Judicial Court. Pet projects in the Legislature’s economic development bill should come second to making our taxpayers whole again.”

Amore is referring to some of the amendments adopted in the Legislature’s recently stalled economic development bill. Among them are:

  • $5 million to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for debt service obligations despite the Institute receiving over $600,000 in federal pandemic loans;
  • $2 million to the John F. Kennedy Library for its “digital infrastructure program” despite the library receiving over $500,000 in federal pandemic loans;
  • $400,000 to the City of Newton for a new community pool and splash pad;
  • $3 million in corporate giveaways to movie theater chains;
  • $750,000 in beach restoration funds for the City of Quincy in Speaker Ron Mariano’s district; and
  • $5 million for parking garages in Framingham and $2.5 million in improvements for the Franklin MBTA station, both in Senate President Karen Spilka’s district.

“The taxpayers spoke loud and clear in passing this law which gives the State Auditor up to September 20th to certify a tax rebate. However, the law is also clear that the State Auditor may act much sooner, which Anthony and I believe to be in the best interest of taxpayers,” said Attorney Sullivan. “I want to thank Anthony Amore for putting a spotlight on this and I join Anthony, in urging Auditor Bump to follow the recommendations of DOR and certify that $3 billion be returned to taxpayers, which is historically what state auditors have done in this scenario during the 1987 tax rebate. The taxpayers of the Commonwealth deserve nothing less”


On August 4th, the Amore 2022 campaign announced a coalition of 24 taxpayers ready to file a petition with the SJC under Section 7 to enforce MGL Chapter 62F, which requires the Commonwealth to return excess tax revenue to the people of Massachusetts. Auditor Bump is responsible for working with the state’s revenue commissioner to certify the amount of excess taxes by September 20th, 2022. (Boston Globe, 8/2/22)

On August 22nd, the campaign announced former United States Attorney Michael Sullivan will lead the coalition. (

During recent Democratic debates for State Auditor, neither Democrat supported Anthony Amore’s plan to bring 24 taxpayers before the Supreme Judicial Court and enforce the 62F tax rebate law. Until this debate, both Dempsey and DiZoglio were completely silent on the midnight maneuvers by Democrats in the Legislature to rescind their promised tax cuts for the people of Massachusetts. Only recently have both Democrats agreed with Amore that tax money should be returned (WBUR, 8/3/22) (WGBH, 8/8/22)

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